Renovations can increase the value of your home
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Renovations can increase the value of your home. When it comes to renovating your home, the first thing you see is the dollar signs.  Doing a renovation can be expensive, but you will have to spend some of your hard earned money to get the dream house you wanted all along.  There are different forms of transformations that can increase the overall assessment of your home like remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and heating.  Take it from someone who just renovated their own house, “call the right professionals to do the job right.” A&L Plumbing will come out to you and give you an estimate.  They will work with you on what you are envisioning and discuss your plumbing budget.  They can accomplish all of these tasks for you.


Kitchens are one of the biggest upgrades to a house.  They can increase the value of your home if done properly.  The professionals at A&L Plumbing can install everything from the piping to the kitchen sink. Piping is important to update. Having older piping can cause leaks, cracks, and holes, so if you are renovating and have older piping, A&L Plumbing may suggest that you upgrade because adding/putting stress on the lines can cause them to break. Getting a new sink and dishwasher installed? You will need a new water line for each and if you have a refrigerator with an ice maker, that will need one too.  A&L Plumbing can install piping for any gas stoves and light the pilot light for you. They will also put in new faucets and drains, and if needed they can do drain cleaning to unclog your system.

This is a check list for updating your kitchen

  • Piping for kitchen
  • Stove/gas lines
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Faucet
  • Flooring*
  • Cabinets*

**A&L will install radiant heat only, not flooring or cabinets.


Bathrooms are the second biggest upgrades to increase the value of your home. A&L Plumbing can install all your new bathroom needs too. New tubs and showers need drain lines and if you are planning on putting in a shower, you will need plumbing up to the shower head.  Toilets and bidets need a sewage line to go to the septic or city sewage line (to get outside of your house). Adding new faucets and fixtures is a great feature when upgrading, and this will be a benefit for the overall value of your home.  Bathroom sinks can be installed with new faucets and piping too.   If installing a whirlpool or hot tub is in your budget, A&L Plumbing can also accomplish that for you.

This is a checklist for your bathroom upgrade

  • Tub
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Toilets/Bidets
  • Hot tub/whirlpools
  • Fixtures/faucets
  • Piping for the bathroom
  • Flooring*
  • Vanity

**A&L will only install radiant heat, not the flooring.


Consider upgrading your heating and cooling system to conserve energy and lower your monthly bills. A&L Plumbing can upgrade your existing furnace or hot water heater so your whole house can be warm. By adding or upgrading existing radiators or baseboard heating, will help to make your home a much cozier place. In addition, they can install radiant heating in the floor so your feet can be warm.

A list to follow when upgrading your heating system

  • Updating your system
  • Upgrading radiators/duct work/baseboards
  • Radiant heating (under new floors)
  • New piping if required

All of these services are dependent on your budget and needs.  A&L Plumbing will be happy to come out to give you an estimate on your next project. Call us today 860-599-9600 or for more information visit us on our site


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