Meet Wally, new technology
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New Technology comes out every day, so which one is the best and how do you choose? You have to find out which product better suits your needs. A&L Plumbing has come across this newer technology (it has been on the market since early last year).  Meet Wallyhome or Wally.

Wally is an in-home based technology that is a home water monitoring system.  Wally is a wireless system that consists of a hub (which plugs into your router) and sensors.  The system helps warn you if there is a leak in your home, a change in humidity, or a change in temperature. Wally works with your home…literally; it works with your electrical lines that are already installed in your home.  Wally uses a technology called SNUPI, which stands for Sensor Nodes Utilizing Power line Infrastructure, basically that means that it uses the current of the electrical wires in your house to send data to the hub.  The hub creates a report and sends it to an application that you can download on any smart device (app available on iTunes and Google play store) or you can create a log in name on to view your report. Downloading the application to your phone allows you to get a text message when Wally notices something wrong.  Cool right?

As you have read in the previous entry, all about the Nest (if you haven’t read that, that is 4 entries down from January 2015), Wally and Nest work side by side in your home. They work together by allowing a person to set up a schedule to monitor one room and using the Nest to adjust to a desired temperature, so you can choose which rooms need to be adjusted with the Nest by getting a report from Wally. Wally takes accurate temperatures to give a whole-home snapshot of what your home is and Nest can use that information to make your home more cohesive.  Even though Wally is a wireless system, the makers of the Wallyhome say that it uses less energy and it has a battery life of 10 years, making this system an even better solution to potential problems.

Nest has so many other cool features on their website under “works with Nest” it seems like the possibilities are endless. From automobiles (on the go) to your outlets, Nest has solutions to help make your home more energy efficient.  Nest has new technology coming out all the time to work with your Nest and your home, so the family who is on the go can maintain their home while away.

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