Weekapaug Inn – Plumbing Installation

We are so proud of the project we did during the 25 million dollar renovation of the Weekapaug Inn in Weekapaug Rhode Island.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Weekapaug Inn:  2012 – A&L Plumbing was proud to be the plumbing installation contractors for the Weekapaug Inn renovation.
  • Weekapaug Inn: 2012 – A&L Plumbing owner, Michael Loffler, headed up this project with his team of skilled installers. The  renovation of the Weekapaug Inn in Weekapaug Rhode Island started in October of 2011 and was completed in October 2012. This 25 million dollar, time sensitive jewel is something both Mike and Steve owners of A&L Plumbing in Westerly RI are proud of. We installed new underground waste piping for the inn, their commercial kitchens, pool area, annex and surrounding structures. This drainage system was a combination of cast iron and solid core PVC. One of the most important element to our new system was its low noise. A&L Plumbing worked together with acoustical engineers from Boston. Special hangers and best practices were used throughout project. The entire inns vent system had to penetrate in 4 specific areas . These locations created unique challenges for our team. The cold water piping is copper with Viega Pro Press fittings. Some Aqua -Therm butt fusion type piping was used under slab for its speed of installation value. The water system almost floats in the inn. Special acoustical hangers were used on every support/connection.


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