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Winterizing your home

Let’s face it; the cold has come earlier this year than past years. Have you decided if you are going anywhere this year yet? Did you take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and your house? Whether you are planning on taking a long trip or if you plan on leaving for the winter, […]

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Renovations can increase the value of your home

Renovations can increase the value of your home. When it comes to renovating your home, the first thing you see is the dollar signs.  Doing a renovation can be expensive, but you will have to spend some of your hard earned money to get the dream house you wanted all along.  There are different forms […]

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Meet Wally, new technology

New Technology comes out every day, so which one is the best and how do you choose? You have to find out which product better suits your needs. A&L Plumbing has come across this newer technology (it has been on the market since early last year).  Meet Wallyhome or Wally. Wally is an in-home based […]

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Conserving water & Saving your wallet

Do we think about how much water we use in a day and then times that by 365 days: to see how much water we use in a year?  No. We all think about saving water and that is where it stops for the most part. Some maybe thinking well, I have cut down on […]

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Frozen Pipes

We are in the coldest months of the year and it is freezing here in southeastern Connecticut and Rhode lsland, with temperatures plummeting to just about zero, frozen pipes are bound to happen.  You’ve guessed it, at A&L Plumbing we have been going on several service calls for frozen pipes.  Frozen pipes can lead to […]

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Snow Day

In spite of this weeks storm, this posting is going to be just about that. We at A&L Plumbing want everyone to stay safe and warm with their families this week. A&L Plumbing cares about our community and we wish everyone safe travels on the roads today. With rising snow totals, it can be hard […]

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Nest Thermostats

Get yourself into a nice cozy Nest. No I don’t mean get under a blanket and curl up; I suggest you go get the Nest thermostat.  A&L Plumbing is installing these state-of-the-art, thermostats in homes across south eastern Connecticut and all of Rhode Island. Call us today, 860-599-9600.   This tiny device will be your […]

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Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year from A&L Plumbing!  We want to wish you & your family to have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Staying out of the cold, keeping you warm through the winter…

Is your water too cold? Is your floor too chilly? Is your house like the Arctic? A&L Plumbing offers some solutions to these common problems in the winter. Water:  The water coming into your home is cold or cool water, depending on the time of year. To make your water warm, you need a water […]

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From the Glossary
Building Trap

A device, fitting or assembly of fittings installed in the building drain to prevent circulation of air between the drainage system of the building and the building sewer.

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