A day at the ballpark – Plumbing Edition!

Plumbing issues can plaque us all whether it is in our home, small business, large corporation or even the Oakland A’s Clubhouse!  This past Saturday’s game was a real stinker but not because of poor teamwork – because of backed up toilets and poor plumbing! Coaches from the Oakland Athletics were sent scrambling after toilets in the home […]

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We’re always on time

You can trust A&L Plumbing because we’re always on time! We understand your time is valuable.  That’s why you should choose a plumbing and mechanical contractor who puts you first. Call today 1-860-599-9600. Experience, quality, up front pricing and integrity. We are the number 1 choice. A&L Plumbing, the way service should be!  

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From the Glossary
Heat Pump

A refrigeration system that extracts heat from one substance and transfers it to another portion of the same substance or to a second substance at a higher temperature for a beneficial purpose.

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