A day at the ballpark – Plumbing Edition!

Plumbing issues can plaque us all whether it is in our home, small business, large corporation or even the Oakland A’s Clubhouse!  This past Saturday’s game was a real stinker but not because of poor teamwork – because of backed up toilets and poor plumbing! Coaches from the Oakland Athletics were sent scrambling after toilets in the home […]

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We’re always on time

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From the Glossary
Unusually Tight Construction

Construction that meets the following; (a) Walls exposed to the outdoor atmosphere having a continuous water vapor retarded with a rating of 1 perm or less with openings gasket or sealed; (b) Openable windows and doors meeting the air leakage requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code; (c) Caulking or sealants are applied to areas, such as joints around window and door frames, between sole plates and floors, between wall ceiling joints, between wall panels, at penetrations for plumbing, electrical and gas lines and at other openings.

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